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Hot Topics of the Week! (November 9-15, 2013)

US and World Economy:

Janet Yellen Dose Not Plan To Slow The Feds $85 Billion Monthly QE Program

US Budget Deficit Continues to Shrink

Gold Seen Flowing East as Refiners Recasting Bars for Asia

3 Charts of UK's (Strong) Labor Market

Will China's SIngle Day Oust Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US?

Hot Earnings!

Walmart profit up but still down

Were you waiting for CISCO report?

Who says people are not spending?

Potbelly almost surged 16%

Dish Network Corp. Beat Expectations for the Third Quarter

Company in Focus:

Warren Buffet Buys A 1% Stake In Exxon Mobil

McDonald's Plans To Invest In More Restaurants

Snapchat Rejects Facebook's $3 Billion Dollar Cash Buyout

Google's New Moto G Phone

Apple Is Developing Curved Phones