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Cramer's take on the $9.94 billion deal investors are ignoring

If it is not as big as the Amazon-Whole Foods deal, it is ignored. Jim Cramer has grown tired of this pattern when it comes to mergers, which are already so sparse in today's stock market.

"Consider Vantiv's recently announced purchase of Worldpay. We know that payment processors have been on fire — Visa's red-hot, Mastercard's red-hot, PayPal's red-hot, and both Vantiv and Worldpay are very much part of that bull market in process," the "Mad Money" host said. "Yet this deal, which we learned about last week, seems like it's been flying totally under the radar screen. That seems crazy to me, even as I recognize that there's been a lot of really distracting news coming out of Washington lately."

Setting the Trump administration's troubles aside, Cramer said this overlooked deal between Vantiv, a merchant acquirer that enables retailers to accept and process electronic payments, and Worldpay, a U.K.-based company of similar ilk, is worth examining in depth.

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When you buy something at a store using a credit card, that store sends the transaction information to a merchant acquirer like Vantiv, which then passes it along to the card network provider, which gives it to the issuing bank, which certifies the transaction and pays the retailer.

The credit card network — Mastercard, for example — gets a small percentage of every transaction and uses that to pay itself and the merchant acquirer. Factoring in...