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The Market is Lurching Closer and Closer to a Single Day Flash Crash

Whoever is rigging the market is getting increasingly desperate.

The daily VIX slams are getting more and more ridiculous. It’s getting to the point that the VIX is getting slammed 5%-6% every single day at 9:50AM  just to pin the S&P 500 (they’re not even trying to get a gain anymore).

Here’s the VIX.

Here’s the S&P 500’s last nine closes. The index is LITERALLY not being allowed to move. It’s now gyrating a point or two per day.

This level of extreme fixing indicates we’re much closer to the end of this rig than the beginning. The reality is that Central Banks can manipulate some asset classes all the time, but they CANNOT manipulate every asset class at the same time.

Eventually something is going to “break.” Whether it's Oil, the German DAX, or some other item, we're going to see the markets call the fixer's bluff. When this happens, whoever is fixing the S&P 500 will have to let it go.

When they do we're looking at a single day collapse similar to what happened in May 2010.

You've been warned.

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