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Ростелеком прив. часовик

<Trade Alert for Monday Jun 16, 2008>


On Jun-16-2008 a candlestick formation confirmed a buy signal.  A buy signal was also confirmed when this contract closed above     54.2400 on Jun-16-2008.  Advisor Action: ==>   Maintain long position.  Stop at     53.7200.   Wave 3 could rise up to 58.0500 or to 59.7752.  Today's candlestick appears in the yellow shaded area of the chart. This reflects strong consolidation here!


TRENDLINE ALERT: Support level of     54.2512 was broken today. Look for a possible drop to the next support level.


Next Day Trading Ranges for Monday Jun 16, 2008


The 20 day moving average of the daily trading range is 0.4110 and the 60 day moving average of the daily trading range is 0.5248. This shows that volatility has decreased in the short term. The percentage of updays when the open/low ratio is less than 25% is 60.00 percent. This means that if this security or future does not drop more than 0.1028 from the opening price then there is a 60.00 percent chance that this will be an upday.


The [R3] or the most extreme high trading range is 54.8233.

The [R2] or the extreme high trading range is 54.6567.

The [R1] or the  high trading range is 54.3533.

The [P] or pivot point is 54.1867.

The [S1] or the low trading range is 53.8833.

The [S2] or the extreme low trading range is 53.7167.

The [S3] or the most extreme low trading range is 53.4133.


Next Day Alternate Stops for Monday Jun 16, 2008


The red line to the right on your chart is an extreme support or resistence level for the next trading day.

A good alternative stop is one which is placed just beyond this extreme support/resistance level.

In this particular case if the price drops below 53.7167 then that would show momentum against Advisor's long position and that would be a break out to the downside.

Please Note:  These support/resistance levels are calculated by using the previous day's trading range.  Normal volatility may cause a breakout of this value once every 4 or 5 days when prices consolidate.

Falcon II

Current Day Trading Session:

Momentum is continuing upward at the present time.

Next Day Trading Session: If the next day's close is below  54.11000 then that could be a sign that the current upward momentum is reversing.