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Moving The Economy Beyond The Turing Test And Man Vs. Machine

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

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It’s a popular concern these days to worry that when machines pass the Turing test, we’ll be replaced by robots. Well, it’s time to be incredibly worried, because we already have.

The Turing test, if you remember, goes like this: There are two closed rooms with a human in one room and a machine in the other. An interviewer asks questions and if the interviewer can’t tell the difference based on the answers, the machine passes the Turing test. And a robot will take your job.

Now, imagine a restaurant boss. In the first closed room there’s a guy washing dishes. In the second room there’s a dishwashing machine. The boss sends in dirty dishes. The dishes come out clean from both rooms. The dishwasher passed the Turing test!

“Hey, that’s not the Turing test!” you might say.  “The boss didn’t even ask any questions!”. Well…

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