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WWE Network Conjures Memories Of Internet Stock Bubbles

Mark Joseph Stern had an interesting article on Slate discussing the "Beanie Babies bubble." As the subtitle says, "Why did people lose their minds over Beanie Babies?"

I was never a collector of Beanie Babies, but I do recall some of hysteria.

(If you're looking for a great piece about the genius and luck - and tax evasion - of founder Ty Warner, be sure to read the awesome Chicago Magazine article by Bryan Smith from last year.)

Stern's article referenced an upcoming book by Zac Bissonnette, "The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute" (good title!). Even more interestingly was the author's reference to an economics/psychoanalytics paper written by David Tuckett and Richard Taffler called, "A psychoanalytic interpretation of stock valuations."

Written in 2005, the paper sets out to explain how when you include a "psychoanalytic perspective," it's possible to understand how investors… Read More …