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More QE Graphs! Each QE Programs Impact on Yields and S&P

I have been doing my best to share interesting graphs that show the implications and results of the Fed's Quantitative Easing policies (here's graphs #1, #2, and #3 that I have done so far).

Came across this image on Twitter today (hat tip to @RonnieSpence) which brings up an interesting point/theme.

For larger image, click here.

 It seems that its only when the Fed is in-between periods of bond buying that bond yields actually fall (bond yields and prices have an inverse relationship) which is the opposite of what the policy is actually supposed to do.

Meanwhile, it has been very successful in propping up the stock market, which is good for the "wealth effect" but its the people that actually have stock portfolios that benefit from this policy (and the knock-on effects of companies that have higher values, etc).

In any case, enjoy the charts, and I'll share more when I come across them.

- Nick