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A Look At The Future Of Disney's Subscription OTT Strategy

There has been a lot of hype recently over 2015 being the year for the OTT business model to take off. While it's true that most major media companies are going to launch some type of streaming subscription package this year, much of it is built upon a similar model already used by cable, satellite and telecom companies, with the exception of a couple of standalone offerings, including HBO Go.

Disney (DIS) is part of this changing business model, as it has made a deal with DISH Network (DISH) to offer ESPN as part of a smaller bundle of content.

When asked on its recent earnings report about the future of streaming video for Disney, CEO Robert Iger hinted that in the future there is definitely the possibility that its major franchises like Marvel, Star Wars and ESPN could be included as standalone, dedicated subscription products.

He added that this… Read More …