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Facebook Relaxes Privacy Rules For Teens

Facebook (FB) seems to want to relax some rules for teenagers.  Before now, they were limited when it comes to sharing photos, updates, and comments with people but now they will have the same privilege as adults.  However, they will also be vulnerable to advertisers and marketing companies collecting their private data and following their posts.  So why the change of heart?  I suspect it is because they want to be able to compete with other social networks that appeal more towards teenagers.  Also, they will be able to get more attention from advertisers and raise their revenues.  

Back when the site began, it was meant for college students, but then the teens moved over from MySpace as well.  After all the advertising, restrictions, and parents began monitoring and regulating their children, the site lost some appeal within the high school demographic.  Other sites such as Twitter and Tumbler don't place such restrictions upon teens.  I think that this move will generate more profits for Facebook.  However, parents will now have to be stricter than ever in managing their kids online time, information displayed, and conversations.  The easiest way to do so without being too overwhelming is just to sign up for an account themselves and add their kids to their friend list.