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Tesla Seems To Be Staggering Releases To Take It To The Model X

There is an interesting observation to take both from the Model S "D" versions (with AWD) and from the recent launch of the 70D. Both seemed to have come at a time when the pace of orders was running dangerously low. This leads me to believe that Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) is staggering its novelties in such a way as to sustain Model S orders and deliveries until the Model X is available for delivery.

As I wrote in my article titled "Why Is Tesla Throttling Production?", Tesla has been seeing a declining production capacity utilization rate ever since Q1 2014. Furthermore, before Tesla introduced the "D" versions in Q4 2014, it seemed to already have a perilously low level of orders on hand. This was something which the "D" versions fixed, if only for a couple of quarters. Read more