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​MannKind Earnings Preview

Another week, another drop happens for MannKind’s (MNKD) shares. Markets are punishing the company for issuing debt to raise cash. After the double peak in the stock between March and April above $2, expect wide price movements following the earnings report on Monday.

On its website, MannKind listed an 8 a.m. conference health care conference. MannKind Corporation to Present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 Health Care Conference - See more at:

Analysts have mixed and widely differing views on MNKD’s prospects:

For the current Quarter, 4.00 analysts have given an Average earnings estimate of $-0.04 per share. According to the Analysts, the Low Estimate Earnings of the current Quarter is $-0.05 per share whereas, High Estimate is $-0.03 per share. The Previous Year Earnings per Share (EPS) of this Quarter was $-0.08.

The EPS (Earnings per share) Trend for the current Quarter is estimated at $-0.04 per share while the Trend for 7 days ago was $-0.04. The EPS Trend for 30, 60 and 90 Days ago were $-0.04, $-0.04 and $-0.04 respectively.

A loss is expected, since the company has little traction on sales for Afrezza. Focus on management’s game plan for improving sales. If it continues alone, is the marketing and sales plan feasible? Is there another partner on the horizon? Is there bigger drug company willing to buy MNKD? A buyout is unlikely, so assess MNKD’s strategy and likelihood of vastly improving sales.