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Build Palettes on the Go With the Pantone App

Pantone Studio has entered the smartphone space with a new app that allows users to work with colors more efficiently. The app identifies RGB, CMYK, and Hex codes and indicates appropriate color schemes to match. Users are thus able to virtually create, test and store palettes on designs and materials, as well as share them via social media. The ability to name and geotag palettes is a welcomed feature that aligns with the app’s centered option to create mood boards around palettes. Conveniently, the app is Creative Cloud enabled, allowing users to easily deliver colors to Photoshop and other design software.

As much as PANTONE Labs have created the app to service designers and creatives, full usage of the app comes at a cost. Users must pay an $8 USD monthly subscription free, or an annual fee of $60 USD to gain full access to color libraries.