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Apple to Begin Accepting Androids for Trade-Ins

In Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) latest attempt to switch over Android users, the tech giant will accept non-iOS devices into its Reuse and Recycling program, according to Apple Insider.

Currently, users can trade in their iOS devices and receive a gift card for the Apple Store, Apple Insider reported. A functioning Apple iPhone 5s can get a customer a gift card up to $175.

According to Apple Insider, Apple has not yet released a date for when the program will begin for non-iOS devices.

Apple Insider commenter jbdragon said:

"It can't be much, Apple will destroy them in a environment friendly way the best that can be done with these things. I got my iPhone 6 from T-mobile and then a short time later they offered a trade in deal. So I got my old iPhone 4 32 gig AT&T version, yep 4+ years old I've been using it that long, and got $202 for it!!! I expected around $50 or something for being that old. I had iOS7 on it, it was laggy and at times, I wanted to throw it against a wall and watch it shatter, yet in the end I got $202 for it. Apple supported it for 4 years. It started out at iOS4, got iOS5, iOS6, and iOS7 plus all the other updates in between. you still get these fandroids going, oh look, Apple is not supporting the iPhone 4 anymore. I mean really???? That's a great run for a Smartphone with tech advancing as fast as it it. You're lucky if you can get the Google recommended 18 months of support, and that's on the high end phones. All the cheapies which is a majority of Android phones sold see ZERO updates. …”