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The Stock Market Will Never Let You Purchase This Stock

About 3 months ago, when O'Reilly (ORLY) rallied to about $170 after its Q3 earnings release, I recommended purchasing the stock, with a target price of $240 for the next 2 years, implying a 40% upside within that time frame. My projection seems that it will be fulfilled much earlier as the stock has already covered half of the distance, rallying 20% in the last 3 months, largely thanks to today's earnings release. The question is whether the stock has temporarily run ahead of itself or it is still worth purchasing the stock.

First of all, the earnings report was flawless in every single line once again. To be sure, O'Reilly increased its revenue 9% in Q4 over last year, with comparable sales 6.3% up and the gross profit rising from 50.5% to 51.7%. Thus the company managed to grow its earnings by 19% and its earnings per share… Read More …