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Sell Snap Inc. (SNAP) Already and Blue Apron (APRN) too

Value Stock members, here is some transparency on the "SELL" coverage on Snap Inc:

Post Date Post Name Track Url
7/29/2017 0:00 Snap Inc's (SNAP) New Log should be...
7/28/2017 0:00 Snap Inc. (SNAP) Will Head Lower after Earnings
7/21/2017 0:00 Buy Snapchat (SNAP) At $10
7/13/2017 0:00 Blue Apron (APRN) Will Go BK (Bankrupt) Before Snapchat (SNAP)
7/13/2017 0:00 One Pic to Justify Snapchat (SNAP) Buy (Humor)
6/8/2017 0:00 Snapchat Will Fall to $15

In the ER, SNAP reported very weak user growth. This is the only metric holding this stock.

Get what you can selling the stock and do not look back.

Related: Twitter is no longer a good speculation. FB has a massive moat. Its "Watch" Youtube alternative will crush Alphabet's Youtube.