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Meet My Team: Carlos Hardenberg

I may be the most visible member of the Templeton Emerging Market Group, but behind the scenes (and often in front of them!) are many outstanding colleagues who I have great pleasure working with and learning from every day. We have a tremendous team of professionals at Templeton Emerging Markets Group, including 50 analysts and portfolio managers who span 18 markets and speak 17 languages. Here, I chat with Carlos Hardenberg, who has been based in Turkey for many years but will soon be moving to London and taking on some new responsibilities within the team. Learn about his early days on the team, and why he’s excited about cultivating potential investment opportunities—in more ways than one!

Carlos Hardenberg
Senior Vice President and Managing Director
Templeton Emerging Markets Group

Mark Mobius: Do you recall your first day on the job as part of the Templeton Emerging Markets Group? Walk us back to that time and your first impressions.

Carlos Hardenberg: I had first joined the team in January 1999 via a nine-month research internship in Singapore. The most memorable things I recall during my early days on the team were the spirited debates between two of my colleagues from Vietnam and the United States about accounting treatments. They could argue a full day about whether an item had to be classified as “extraordinary” or “exceptional.” That level of focus and intensity on the details was a good learning lesson for me. I also remember you came by my desk one day and asked if I would mind travelling a bit. The very next day I left Singapore for a five-month trip. That was pretty unexpected!

Mark Mobius: The first of many trips with the team! We truly are always on the move. Speaking of moves, you’ll soon be taking a more expanded role within the Templeton Emerging Markets team and relocating to London. What does this change mean to you?

Carlos Hardenberg: Yes, I will be taking on a new lead portfolio management role and relocating my family, so a new perspective at work and at home. I earned my master’s degree in investment management from the London City University’s Business School so it is exciting to be back and to bring my family so that they can experience something different from our life in Turkey. London is a good hub. One of the big advantages is that many key people in the emerging markets world come through London on a regular basis, so it will allow me to meet with the management teams of portfolio companies pretty easily. It is also a good time zone to be in when you are working with team members that sit around the globe. We continue to refine our research and investment process and communication among the team is critical.

Mark Mobius: Is there anything you will miss about living in Turkey?

Carlos Hardenberg: London clearly has a lot to offer, although after 10 years in Istanbul, I will miss it dearly.