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Cost Cuts Will Help CARBO Ceramics' Competitiveness

CARBO Ceramics Inc. was incorporated in 1987. The Company is a supplier of ceramic proppant and provides fracture simulation software, fracture design, engineering and consulting services and a broad range of technologies for spill prevention, containment and countermeasures. The Company sells the majority of its products and services to operators of oil and natural gas wells and to oilfield service companies to help increase the production rates and the amount of oil and natural gas ultimately recoverable from these wells. Its products and services are primarily used in the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas and oil wells.

- CARBO Ceramics Inc

Latest guidance by management

CARBO Ceramics' management has drastically changed their outlook for 2015 since the last earnings call. The North American rig count for the first quarter was down 17% from last year and could see a further drop. Due to this, management estimated 40% lower revenue andRead More …