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Apple Is Considering an Apple Music Price Cut

According to a new report from Digital Music News, Apple is seriously considering a price cut for its Apple Music streaming service. The report claims Apple could cut prices down by 20%, which would allow the company to better compete with services such as Spotify and Amazon Music. With a 20% drop, the single-person Apple Music plan would come in at $7.99 USD per month compared to its current $9.99 USD price point. The family package – which allows up to six people – would come in at $12.99 USD compared to $14.99 USD. The $4.99 USD student tier will remain the same. The report also claims the price cut could be a holiday promotional discount, but it’s not yet entirely clear if the lower prices will extend past the holidays.

A price drop for Apple Music could help with the competition but the company might have to deal with angry artists and labels in the process, especially considering the initial drama surrounding Apple Music’s three-month free trial. Amazon recently announced its new Music Unlimited Service, which comes in at $7.99 USD per month for Prime users and $3.99 USD for users with an Amazon Echo device. Spotify has also offered heavy discounts to its services. What service will you be joining?