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The following is a transcript of Tom Rutledge's remarks made available in a video on Charter's internal website.

In addition to the regulatory process, which is not just going on in Washington, but going on in the states and the cities, all of that is going well, too. We're also working on the integration planning -how we're going to actually make the new company work. It's going to be a very large company. I mean, we're going from a company with 25 thousand people to almost a hundred thousand people, and in a lot of states and a lot of places, figuring out how to make all that work, who is going to report to who, and how we're going to do everything.

We're working through those processes now, but it's actually very exciting to do because we're going to have a scaled company that's going to be able to be a significant player in the business. And as a result of that, I think we're all going to have great opportunities going forward as a company.

Well, I think 12 months from now, we'll be right in the thick of trying to upgrade Time Warner Cable and Bright House, going all-digital, taking speeds up.

We're going to have a big job in the call centers trying to integrate traffic. We've done a really good job at Charter in unifying our whole work order flow. Not that it can't be better, but it's much better than it was.

We're going to be in the throes of doing that in the new company. And at the same time, when we look at Charter, the thing I want to do is say. You know, when I look at Charter today in September of 2015, when I look at historic Charter, meaning what is Charter now, in 2016, I want it to be better than it is now.

I want us to continue to improve our service response, to improve our customer satisfaction, improve the value proposition all the way around, and I want that to be easily observable both to our...