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On The Office Depot Buy By Staples

My guess is that it is gonna be approved. The dialog about it is very interesting and predictably is firing up a big argument about competition. So I wanted to give some examples of the flame wars on the NYTimes. Here's a comment, and then a counter-comment:


Peabody, MA 4 hours ago

This merger is an attempt to eliminate competition on pricing. In locations where both Staples and Office Depot sell, retail prices are lower and selection is higher. As a small business "price sensitive" buyer of retail office supplies - one who rarely buys bulk or over the net - I tell you first hand: prices are lower where there is competition between the two compared with areas where they don't compete. Is monopoly/oligopoly pricing necessary for retail office supply stores to survive? I guess it must be like broadband services:)

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1 hour ago

your claim is utter nonsense! The office supply business at the retail level has a street price and you can throw a blanket over the price of Staples, Depot and your independent dealer. At the corporate level it can be another story depending on the profile of the buyer but you as a small buyer have no clout so you pay street price which is better than it was 30 years ago. Staples will not raise prices and reduce skus or their online competition will eat their lunch.