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Market Comments for August 22, 2014


Another narrow green bar on the daily chart probably not surprise anybody yesterday. It is actually the 12th bullish day in one form or another in a row. Since the beginning of the rally the QQQ has almost doubled its distance to its prior high and the SPY is actually threatening to break its prior high as of yesterday (1). The swing or core trader to whom this letter is intended there is not much to talk about. The strong uptrends have remained in place and although the last pullback to “2” was more challenging, especially in the SPY, we knew that it would be and the market passed the bullish test after the pullback.

The reason there’s not much talk about is that the market has been so strong that the only time to take notice is when this uptrend breaks and that is not something that’s going to happen in one or two bars. There is no limit to how high the market can go. It is not that we are always “bullish” at Pristine but there simply is no technical reason for the market to ‘have to’ reverse. Naturally it will reverse one day of its own volition. When it does it will leave a clear pattern. For right now management of long-term positions is all it matters. The only exception would be if the market were to actually go somewhat climactic on this move.