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Flappy Bird App Creator Calls It Quits After Earning $50,000 A Day

You have probably heard about the extremely popular app/game called "Flappy Bird".  I personally have not played the game myself for fear of being addicted like 90% of my friends.  The big news today is that the creator Dong Nguyen decided to quit and remove the app from all downloadable stores such as Apple iTunes and Google Play Store.  Such a decision of course created a frenzy as Flappy Bird would-be addicts are now no longer able to download their drug-of-choice. 

As a response, some listings spawned on websites like eBay selling Flappy Bird-installed iPhones.  While many of us would not pay a dime for such a thing, there have been reports of bids as high as $90,200 (with 12 hours to go) for a 16GB spring iPhone 5.  Other notable bids have been around $5,000 mark.  From reports and interviews, it seems that the app creator has been generating around $50,000 per day and now feels that it is "too much to handle".  News of the death of Flappy Bird was released last Saturday.