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AGCO Shows Resilience And Adaptability In This Difficult Environment

On Tuesday, AGCO (AGCO) announced its results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2014. Even though the results reflected sharp declines from the company's 2013 performance, these results were still better than what analysts were looking for. The company reported $1.13 per share in net income, down from $1.40 in the same period of last year while the analysts were looking for a net income of 67 cents per share. The company's revenues came at $2.48 billion, slightly above what analysts were looking for ($2.42 billion).

For the full year, the company reported revenues of $9.72 billion, down 9.9% from the previous year's $10.79 billion. The company's net income fell from $597.2 million to $410.4 million (a drop of 31%) and the per-share earnings fell from $6.01 to $4.36 (a drop of 27%). AGCO's net income fell at a sharper rate than its EPS due to its ongoing… Read More …