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J.C Penney Getting Negative Publicity

J.C. Penney Company Inc (NYSE: JCP) has been popular in the news for a month now, first because of Bill Ackman's drama now its because of a commerical that offended consumers. The new commerical by the company implied that kids might get bullied at school, not have any friends if they don't wear the right clothes (clothes from JC Penney). Social media website like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) and Twitter have been a way for consumers to show anger towards the company.“Your ad about cool kids wearing JC Penney clothes, showing a child sitting alone at lunch is despicable”, “How clueless are you? What a horrible bully-promoting commercial.” The commerical was also got attention from the national anti bullying organization, they are starting a campaign against the ad. 

Luckily for the company they have a few social media users on their side also,People you are looking way too into the commercial” , “You guys are the people who pick everything apart and take everything to extremes. You also need to not [take] everything to heart and so seriously.”, “This world is way to p/c these days! Its not about bullying, get over it you cry babies!!!!”  and “What's the big fuss about? I see nothing wrong with this crappy commercial. Calm down people.” In my opinion some of us American's have became to sensitive, it is just a commercial people, if you dont like it change the channel. To make it in to a national news is pointless. I think if Ackman was to sell his share of the company it will have one of the greatest turnaround story in history of retail. ACKMAN IS BAD LUCK!!!