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Sites That Run Anti-GMO News Are Competing Seed Makers, And I'm Going To Prove It.

A little backstory here for context: I really like Monsanto (MON). I am also a shareholder. Some time ago I published an article at Seeking Alpha titled "Fake News You Can Use: Buy Monsanto, The 21st Century's Greatest Agriculture Company", which, if you have time to read, I would recommend to you. Short version, it's about the ton of fake news that hits Facebook and other social media sites on a regular basis. It is my very strong belief that these sites are not altruistic. I think they are being run by one or more competing seed companies or perhaps herbicide manufacturers in a deliberate attempt to smear the Monsanto brand. 

The big reason I think that, is even though there are dozens of companies that make GMO seeds, these sites specifically name Monsanto in virtually every article, and most of the time exclusively. While freedom of speech allows these sites to legally publish these lies without the risk of punishment, corporate espionage is a crime, and working to sabotage the work of this company in fighting world hunger is terrorism, in my opinion. The damage to shareholders notwithstanding any of this. 

One of them made the mistake of trying to follow me on Twitter today. I had the alert pop up on my phone a little before 1am, and I sent the message in the photo. Literally seconds later they were not following me. 

Sometimes you can tell a whole lot by what people do not say to you. The replies I make here and at other sites are retweeted automatically to my Twitter account. GMO Free USA was probably scouting me for the chance to publish something positive about the company that backs them. 

I am like a modern day Sherlock Holmes when it comes to businesses. My accounting specialty is fraud detection, and I am also somewhat savvy with how web pages and domains are constructed and how that data is tracked. I am eventually going to be the guy that finds out who is doing this. I would have gotten to it sooner but I've had lots to write about lately. However, this incident has given me motivation again, and I have recently obtained some new tools that are going to help me achieve this goal. This is a great time to become a follower of mine here on Whotrades. It's going to be a fascinating news story when I break it.

I promise you that I will.

Monsanto closed down 72 cents today at $89.97.