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Woof - Profit From Trends In The Pet Care Industry

When writing an article about the company Patterson Companies (PDCO), we noted the possibility that the company is likely to be taken over or that the company may spin off their underperforming medical rehabilitation division. In writing such article we recognized that PDCO's most desirable division was their veterinary division that serves the veterinary industry and companion pet owners. Such division is highly desirable as a business as companion pet spending continues to remain strong as owners spend more of their disposable income on pets. In addition, companion pet spending does not face threats of reimbursement pressures that occur in the health-care industry. In addition, the veterinary business benefits from the love affair pet owners have with their pets in the U.S. As we came to appreciate the strength of the pet ownership industry, we began to recognize that other businesses over the past few years have made strong moves… Read More …