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Boston Beer Co. Hits $3.4 Market Cap

Boston Beer Co Inc. (NYSE: SAM) (Samuel Adams) Thomas W. Lance sold 6,500 shares for $272. 86, according to The Legacy. The transaction totaled $1,773,590.00 and now leaves Lance with 3,342 shares. Lance’s current shares now total $911,898,120, according to The Legacy.

The craft brewery share opened last week at $465.67, hitting a $208.82 high and a $325.00 low and a current market cap of $3.43 billion.

Motley Fool commenter wolfhounds said:

“I was an early fan of Sam Adams since I grew up in Brooklyn at a time when the "City" had about 80 breweries. Ales and hearty lagers were at my father's table. Over the last ten years I've been going to restaurants opened by young chefs who local source including their craft beers. Sam Adams is on the menu, but I can try 20 other names recommended to me by my taste and they tend to be excellent. Even since moving to Florida I was surprised at the number of craft breweries popping up. At my favorite watering hole I've tried quite a few. I have no way of measuring the impact on a company as large as Boston Beer, but keep in mind that 20 years ago no one could envision the impact SAM had on the established brewers.”