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​ Doogee DG580 with great user experience

As a modern creation, as a smartphone which gathered all the sleek elements, innovative designs and advanced technologies, DOOGEE DG580 payed highly attention to user experience even more.

Rather than ordinary arbitrarily large screen, DOOGEE DG580 has flattened the screen section to 5.5mm thickness only, which is much slimmer than iPhone 6 even more.

As priority among priorities, gesture function is what DOOGEE DG580 focus by a wide margin, any applications or gadgets can be activated by drawing the indicated pattern.

To highlight how considerate the user experience of DOOGEE DG580 is, it deployed motion recognition elaborately. When there is any incoming call, simply just pick it up and close to your ear can the call be received automatically, or you still can answer it through swing the device directly.

Dissimilar to ordinary smartphone chasing extreme configuration blindly, DG580 is prominent on connotation, especially on displaying. No other than infinity perspective and appropriate resolution up to 960*540 pixels, has offered bright, legible and radiationless reading environment all the time, the luminance can be adjust automatically or by your preference aiming at comfortable displaying.

What’s more, hardly can I came across barricade or get stuck during my entire testing, which is what consumers chase continuously at present. Such an upgraded camera with exquisite face beauty and panorama function, has satisfied with boundless demand from young generation for auto-heterodyne.