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John DeSimone: Tragic Hero Or Fall Guy?

John DeSimone has become Herbalife's official spokesperson. CEO Michael Johnson avoids the spotlight (unless it is the stage at an Extravaganza). Des Walsh didn't even comment on the last company conference call. Alas, John DeSimone is the new front-man for the good ship Herbalife.

I wonder how aware he is that he is being set-up as the fall guy by his colleagues?

Those who have studied Shakespeare are aware of a technique called dramatic irony. It works a little something like this. As members of the audience, we are aware of the fate of one of the characters on stage even as the character is unaware of his imminent downfall. Watching the slow motion train wreck unfold triggers an emotional response in the audience known as pathos. Famous tragic heroes include the likes of Othello, Willie Loman, King Lear, etc.

As members of the audience, you want to reach out to warn the character of his impending fate. Alas, the character's hamartia (tragic flaw) inevitably seals his fate. Read more