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Hatteras Funds Increases Availability of Alternative Multi-Manager Fund

Provides investors with diversified alternatives exposure offering access to non-correlated returns

RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hatteras Funds announced that it has opened up access to its Alternative Multi-Manager Fund (HHSIX). The Fund has been available to select institutional clients since 2011. The Fund will continue to be co-managed by Portfolio Managers Michael P. Hennen and R. Ty Powers.

“With uncertainty and volatility facing both stock and bond markets, Financial Advisors are looking for tools to help manage risk within their portfolios. The Alternative Multi-Manager Fund is designed to complement a traditional portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash,” said David Perkins, Chief Executive Officer, Hatteras Funds. “The Fund provides diversified alternatives exposure in a single investment. We believe it can help reduce volatility and dampen the impact of a market drawdown.”

The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve consistent returns with low correlation to traditional financial market indices, while maintaining a high correlation to the Hedge Fund Research, Inc. (“HFRI”) Fund of Funds Composite Index. The Fund is diversified by four hedge fund strategies and is concentrated in long/short equity and event-driven strategies to potentially generate higher returns. Assets are allocated across 20 experienced hedge fund managers specializing in unique alternative investment strategies.

Hatteras Funds also announced the launch of its Market Neutral Fund (HMNAX), which is designed to diversify stock portfolios by seeking to generate absolute returns independent of the market environment. The Fund also employs...