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USD/CAD - results of a bullish plan within a choppy market

Forest Gump might like this market, but I have not been taking advantage of the back and forth action in USD/CAD. Instead I am bullish on USD/CAD. I entered at 1.29 and stopped out at 1.2840. Then I re-entered at 1.2890 and hit the 1st target at 1.3120, but another position is threatening to hit my stop at 1.2818. 

USD/CAD Daily Chart 7/15

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Bullish trade within a choppy market:
The result of my bullish outlook within this choppy market is:
stopped out positions: 2 (entered around 1.29, exited around 1.2840) -60 pips each, 
target hit (1.3120): 1
position open: 1 (target: 1.32, stop: 1.2818 - which would make a new on the month)

Potential results are both positive:

Worst-case scenario: the 2 stop-outs cost me 120 pips in total, and if I stop out my last position, it would be a total of about -180 pips. The first target at 1.3120 gave me 230 pips, so I would still be up 50 pips.
Best-case scenario: If the USD/CAD can hold above the rising support seen in the daily chart, and essentially stay above 1.2850, it has a chance to revisit the consolidation highs. If it can get back to 1.32, that's 320 pips! The math will be 230 + 320 - 120 = 430 pips.