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University Of Missouri "Activists" Expel Media, Demand "Liberation Of Black Students"

Things are getting a little out of hand at Mizzou...

Following yesterday's resignation of the President and Chancellor of The University of Missouri amid allegations from the student body of "enabling a culture of racism" on campus, the spokesperson for the black students' "activists" has spoken up once again with some more demands...

There will be no "narrative" other than ours...

We ask for no media in the parameters so the place where people live, fellowship, & sleep can be protected from twisted insincere narratives

— ConcernedStudent1950 (@CS_1950)

@CS_1950 is the official twitter account of #ConcernedStudent1950 at Mizzou & we seek liberation of BLACK collegiate students.

They went on to note this morning...

This has been an emotionally heavy semester for us, those who support, please continue to send positive energy

— ConcernedStudent1950 (@CS_1950)

We were hit by cars, shoved by spectators, & met w/ excessive force by police. That is just the blunt racism we faced a month ago today.

— ConcernedStudent1950 (@CS_1950)

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There is some kind of twisted irony here where the "activists" are fighting for their freedom to "be" on the campus while expelling anyone - media or otherwise - who does not agree with their presscribed narrative.