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Bob ODonnell: Hi, and welcome back to Dell World Live. Im Bob ODonnell, President and Chief Analyst with TECHnalysis Research, and Im extremely pleased and proud to be joined by the man himself, Mr. Michael Dell, the Chairman and CEO of Dell. Welcome, Michael.

Michael Dell: Thank you, Bob. Great to be with you.

Bob ODonnell: So obviously an incredibly exciting time, and I was just kind of joking with you beforehand, you know Ive known you and chatted with you several times in the past, and there is an energy around you now that, you know its been there, but theres that extra little thing. It just seems like with the move to public, I mean to private, excuse me, and obviously the news from last week. Youre really on a roll. I mean how does it feel to be Michael Dell these days?

Michael Dell: Well, Im excited about what were doing. You heard in my keynote we have incredible capabilities as a company and as we combine that together with EMC, VMWare and all the incredible innovation thats going on, I feel were really well positioned to help our customers, and thats the journey that Ive been on for 32 years. You know this is just the most fun that I should be allowed to have. So, you know I really am having a great time.

Bob ODonnell: Thats great. Well, you know one of the things that hit me, and I was talking to a reporter yesterday after the press conference, you know as a company this size of the combined entity, youre going to be in a position- not that you havent been in the past- but to really drive the IT agenda. As Dell you were driving some of those things, but as this combined entity, the single end-to-end solutions provider as you talked about, you know you will be setting those trends. So, my question based off of that is What are those key trends that, you know, Dell is going to be setting the agenda for over the next 10 years?

Michael Dell: I think the big ones that I see are the ones I highlighted. I think the...