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Five simple steps to overcome the crisis

1. The hardest part is to understand what has happened. Don’t try to deny reality or fight it. You should be aware of everything and be a realistic. Everything has already happened and there are only two ways: to move on or to spend your life ruminating over it again and again. Psychologists advise their patients to jot down the details of a crisis state on paper so it will be easier to recognize the scale of the tragedy.

2. Carpe diem. The next step to take accepting a problem is to understand how important it is to live in the present. You are not able to change what has happened, you live today, not in the past. Do not let problems encroach upon your territory or blur your thinking. Pick up the pieces and move on. Of course, it is difficult to accept the loss of a loved one, as you can change nothing, but you can move on.

3. Moving forward. Continuous actions are the best cure for stress and crises. The work allows you to forget about problems. Set a real goal and make every effort to achieve it. This helps to get over yourself.

4. Learn to forgive. No matter how sick at heart you are, try to forget about insults, become friendly and open. At the end of the day, the person who hurt your feelings was in the wrong, but it's his choice. Youchoosetobehappydespiteeverything.

5. Vacuum law. There is a law of nature that you cannot create emptiness. If you lost something, it will be refilled. Whether it will be happiness or a new crisis depends on the choice you make.