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Taco Bell to start selling Cap'n Crunch doughnuts. Wait, Cap'n Crunch is from Mexico?

(NYSE: YUM) Taco Bell is great for for stoners. They're really getting in tune with their pothead target demographic. And here are some more mixed thoughts: I have determined empirically that there is something about Taco Bell beef that gives me intestinal distress. I only go there because they are one of the few places that sells breakfast so-called "burritos" that contain no actual peppers.

Del Taco is the only place I have found that is as unauthentic as Taco Bell without churning my guts, but they are hard to find.

I never understood the appeal. You stand in line outside VooDoo donuts for hours, and when you finally get to place your order, you pass up donuts covered withMAPLE and BACON to order ones covered in Cap'n Crunch? Why not just go to 7-11 and be done with it?

I am well aware that Taco Bell isn't Mexican food, and that the Government had some harsh things to say about their "beans". My kid and I go to TB every Tuesday, and it is our thing. We go to real Mexican food places, too, but fast and cheap while we are running between school and activities is why we like it.

Cap Crunch is also terrible.. Sucralose, aka Splenda, tastes like sugar, has no calories, and is long-term stable. It is the basis of a line of chocolates and hard candies that taste like the real thing. I wish breakfast cereals and other sugary foods were made with sucralose instead of sugar.

southernsanta "I struggle to believe that Taco Bell or Pizza Hut should be looking at Panera Bread as their direct competition"
How about Del Taco and Papa Johns? Both stress "fresh" and "better" ingredients and sell at the same price point. Do you get proactive or wait for competitors to take the upper hand?
I quit going to Taco Bell after I went in and was told they couldn't make tacos because the "meat gun" was broken.