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I rarely buy stocks, but I just bought this energy one. Here’s why.

I rarely buy stocks, but I just bought this energy one. Here’s why.

Rome, Italy

I grew up in Texas in a middle class household to two very hard-working parents.

And to say we were middle class may even be a stretch. We were definitely clinging to the bottom rung of middle class.

Money was always a problem. And my parents each held multiple jobs in addition to making a go of their own business in order to make ends meet.

I never missed a meal. But the constant stress and worry about how we were going to pay the bills that month was palpable.

We didn't have medical insurance or any savings, meaning we were just one illness or urgency away from being wiped out.

There always seemed to be too much month at the end of the money. So every penny mattered.

We didn't buy anything unless it was (a) necessary, and (b) a major bargain.

Things eventually got better, as they tend to do. My parents found their financial footing and became more successful. And I've done well in life.

But I've taken those middle class values with me into the world, and they've deeply impacted my own investment ethos.

Just like what was drilled into me when I was a kid, I can't stomach overpaying for anything. Even when investing, I'm only interested in a major bargain.

This happens occasionally in investment markets, though it's extremely rare today.

There are plenty of profitable, well-managed companies out there. But they're incredibly expensive. Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), for example...