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Tomorrow’s Moves, Tonight: Thursday April 14 2016

1.Watch banks – might be time to load up in this sector since oil debt isn’t a worry, and quarterly results might surprise to the upside – BAC, C, WFM, JPM

2.Hold MannKind (MNKD) – wonder if you’re a bag holder

3.Trade UWTI or DWTI. If you do, leave this group as you will lose money

4.YOLO on Argos Therapeutics (ARGS) – up 16.6% and 76% for the month

5.Be happy the Fitbit (FIT) buy call worked out nicely.

6.…? ? ? …

7.… Join this group …

8.… it’s free…

9.…Wonder if Valeant (VRX)'s forward P/E of 3x is too good to be true. If it isn't, then $50. If it is, then sub $30 expected.

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