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More Films about Finance

It was hard to decide where to cut off the list, and 20 is a rather arbitrary number. If your taste for finance-themed films isn’t sated by my list, here are some others you might enjoy.


Rollover (1981; 116 minutes; currency crisis); 

Quicksilver (1986; drama; 99 minutes; derivatives trading); 

The Bank (2001; 104 minutes; foreclosure);

A Good Year (2006; 118 minutes; private wealth); 

The Last Day of Lehman Brothers(2009; 60 minutes; bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers); 

Arbitrage (2012; 107 minutes; accounting fraud).


Working Girl(1988; 115 minutes; mergers and acquisitions).


Trader (1987; 56 minutes; futures trading);

Super Rich: The Greed Game (2008; 60 minutes; wealth accumulation); 

The Love of Money (2009; 90 minutes; analysis of financial crisis); 

Goldman Sachs: Power and Peril (2010; 44 minutes; Goldman Sachs); 

The Warning,” on PBS’s Frontline (2009; 56 minutes; securities regulation); 

Freakonomics (2010; 93 minutes; applied economics);

Investment Banking (2011; 32 minutes; investment banking); 

The Flaw (2011; 78 minutes; analysis of financial crisis).

There are a lot more finance documentaries than nonfiction movies.

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