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USD/JPY - Breakout or Clearout?

It looks like USD/JPY has completed a double top, or some kind of price top as it cracks the 108.00 handle. There are a couple of reasons though that this could simply be a clear-out.
1) The break is not clear. It did crack 108, but there is immediate support, showing bulls are still in charge.
2) The RSI failed to push below 30, which shows lack of bearish momentum. There is also a bullish divergence between price and RSI.

USD/JPY 4H Chart 10/8(click to enlarge)

On the other-hand, USD/JPY did lose its bullish momentum, and since the RSI tagged 30 then held below 60, there is still some prevailing bearish momentum from the previous 110.08-108 swing, but let's not get carried away with this bearish momentum signal, because in context it simply shows that the bullish trend is having trouble staying on course, but doesn't have a strong bearish signal at the moment.

If we look at the 1H chart, we can see that USD/JPY is actually showing a near-term price bottom above 107.75. If price pushes above 108.60, it would form a bottom and clear above this week's falling trendline as well as the 50-hour SMA. If the 1H RSI can push back above 60 as well, the previous break below 108 would look more like a clear-out than a price top.

Still, we have to see the USD/JPY as being at the crossroads. 109.00 will be important. If the market rallies but holds around 109 then falls, the price top scenario is favored again.A break above 109.20 could help build more evidence for the bullish continuation scenario.

USD/JPY 1H chart 10/8(click to enlarge)