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How long will Nintendo craze last?

Shares of Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) jumped nearly 10% overnight, and are up 90% since the launch of Pokemon GO, almost doubling the company's market value in just over a week.

That makes the gaming firm more valuable than the mighty Mitsubishi trading house and brokerage Nomura.

John Hanke, the head developer behind Nintendo's augmented reality game, said he wants to roll out the app in roughly 200 countries "relatively soon" and is working on bolstering server capacity.

Shares of Nintendo jumped nearly 10% to a six-year high on Friday, extending their rally since the launch of its Pokemon GO augmented reality game and almost doubling the company’s market value in just over a week.

For how log this Pokemon craze last?

Investors and gamers are waiting to see when Pokemon GO will be launched in other major markets, particularly Japan, one of the world’s biggest gaming markets. 

In such cases a stock can suffer a painfull drop after skyrocketing for some exaggerated reason. I bet August will be a month of profit-taking...