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Knowing the element s of Arduino Starter Kit

There are many beautiful things are made by the introduction to the Arduino Stater Kit. Want to have a try? Now, let us share these components, and have a good knowledge of the Arduino.

MPU6050 Sensor

First saw this scene, I can't say its name and function. However, through access to information, I can know a little bit. MPU6050 sensor, in a nutshell, it can measure the acceleration and angular velocity, which consists converter, you can convert directly, is a very intuitive element.

Tilt sensor

Tilt sensor is a kind of an object can be detected. However, it is just a by different physical mechanism to activate a button on the tilt. Usually, the tilt sensor can be measured in a datum plane of the two axes of tilt. On the contrary, a complete movement will use at least three axis, often additional sensors to measure the tilt Angle. Typical application can be found on the industry and game controller.

L293D Motor Driver Shield

L293D motor drive shield four or two road can drive dc motor and stepper motor drive two steering gear at the same time. The latest Arduino UNO support Arduino mega 2560.
The combination of it are:
Four dc motor drive and two steering gear;
Driven by two dc motor and stepping motor and two-way all the way to the steering gear;
Two step motor and servo motor drive.

X Bee shield

X Bee shield to allow the Arduino board to use Zigbee wireless communication. It comes from the MaxStream X Bee modules. The module can be found in most indoor outdoor communication hundreds of feet, or 300 feet (belt line, the line of sight) is used. It can serve as a serial/USB replacement, also can put it in a command mode, and its configuration options for various radio and mesh network. Shielding outbreak of each X bee pin hole of bonding pad. It also provides women row needles used digital pins 2 ~ 7, analog input, this is the cover shield (8 to 13 digital pins are not shielding cover, so that you can use the head on the board itself) the X Bee shield. The Arduino X Bee shield can use different X Bee module used in collaboration to create.

Today I just want to digestion
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