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AOL Earnings: Lost In The Mail?

Media telecommunications firm AOL (AOL) reports earnings this coming Wednesday before the markets open. While the news from previous telecom companies has been somewhat mixed in terms of strength, investors should be priming themselves for a strong showing.

By the numbers

With revenues expected to jump radically from $679 mn to $727.3 mn, AOL may be set to boom year over year. Assuming projections hold (and there are not too many reasons to suggest that they won't), then a 8% bump in revenues would place the company in quite a positive financial position. However, it is important to remember that with revenues increasing since Q1 of this year, this is not coeval with AOL completing its structural changes. That said, net income saw a slight boost last quarter from Q2's mark of $28.2 mn to (Q3's mark of) $28.5 mn. While net income for fourth quarter's tend to be… Read More …