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Ford Has a 23-Year-Old Whiz Kid Helping to Shape Its Future

So what were you doing at 23?

Granted, I was in graduate school, but I was still living at home and borrowing money from my mother on the weekends.

Not Victoria Schein. At 23, she's already a Ford (F) research engineer with at least 15 patents under her belt.

If that's not Alpha Rising, I don't know what is.

She's creating things that don't exist and "making history, one patent at a time," she says.

And that makes me feel like a slacker.

Her dad was an engineer and was always working on cars, so she was surrounded by that world from a very young age.

"I was fascinated with math, science and art. I wanted to play with geometric shapes...and create art pieces [that could] stand and do things," says Schein.

So thanks to hours of playing with Legos and exposure to car magazines, Schein decided she...