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Donald "I Am Batman" Trump Reports For Jury Duty After Failing To Respond To Five Prior Summonses

Over the weekend, the Donald came to Iowa, saw, and then left in his chopper. But not before declaring himself to be America's latest caped crusader:

Into the helicopter went William, 9; Sean, 6; Brendan, 5; and Henry, who just turned 3. Their mother went with them. Henry got scared just before takeoff and left the aircraft to be with his father. The other boys remained. William brought a GoPro camera to capture the experience; a clip later wound up on Facebook.


"Mr. Trump," he said, aiming the camera at his benefactor.


"Yes," Trump said, pulling on the lapels of his jacket.


"Are you Batman?" the boy asked.


"I am Batman," Trump said.


The helicopter roared to life, causing another windstorm, hurling more dust at the people outside. William looked out the window, marveling at the power of the machine.


Here was Trump's vantage point: a comfortable seat in the eye of the storm, a place to watch the rotor wash without messing up your hair. To William, this was the best moment of the whole ride. It felt just like a video game.

So having gone back to New York, what is keeping the Donald occupied today? The answer: jury duty.

Reuters reports that the republican frontrunner for presidential candidate, "appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court to join fellow New Yorkers to possibly be selected to cast a verdict in a trial." He did so in the way he does everything else: as a star in his own reality show: "The Real President Of The US"

Arriving in a black limo, Trump, 69, was greeted by a throng of reporters and television crews numbering around 100 people. He signed an autograph on way in and fist-bumped a supporter before heading into the courthouse.

Perhaps the reason the media is particularly fascinated with Trump's appearance in court is because it was his first time in six that he decided to respond to a jury duty summons: "The real estate mogul's service came after a state judge in March fined him $250 for failing to respond to summonses to serve jury duty five times since 2006."

But before anyone assumes that Trump did not take his civic duties seriously before he was a presidential contender, the spin is that the court simply did not know where the self-professed billionaire actually lives:

Trump's representatives say the fine was ultimately waived and say the prior summonses had been sent to a wrong address for the former star of NBC's "The Apprentice."


Michael Cohen, an executive vice president and special counsel to the Trump Organization, said if Trump had received the notices, he would have complied.


"Any assertion that Mr. Trump doesn't take his civic responsibilities seriously is absolutely false and only being used as an attempt to discredit his stellar reputation," he said in a statement.

And so today's episode of Trump reality TV is complete: he joins a long list of celebrities to report for jury duty in the New York courts in recent years, following Madonna, Caroline Kennedy and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

That covers today. For tomorrow's exciting update in the Donald Trump reality TV show, tune in, well, tomorrow.