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Is Donald Trump the Next Schwarzenegger?

Everyone is acting like it's impossible for Trump to win the upcoming 2016 election. To all these haters, may I present the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger. If we live in a world where it's possible for Arnold to become the Governor of California, then why can't Trump become president? I mean, who has better credentials?

Candidate One: Grew up in poverty, got famous for body building, got way more famous for being a cheesy action movie star, ran for office because he was rich and bored.

Candidate Two: Grew up mega rich, got famous for being mega rich, got way more famous for being a cheesy TV star, ran for office either because he was rich and bored or to increase his brand awareness or he's a plant by the democrats to mess with the GOP no one's really sure.

Those guys look pretty darn similar on paper. If anything, Candidate Two (Trump) gets the the upper hand for growing up rich. That doesn't make him a better leader, but it makes him more electable. He knows what to say to impress the mega wealthy white business owners who really influence the elections. Sure, we technically have a one vote per citizen policy, but if you think Donny, who works stocking crates in the back of the liquor store, has a vote equal to Sam Walton, you're fooling yourself.

Furthermore, it's not like either Schwarzenegger or Trump are particularly educated, or versed in the nuances of politics. Neither of them had any political track record whatsoever before making the leap into their respective races. And while the President is much more important than the Governor of California, don't forget that being the leader of a state with a GDP the size of India is no joke. That is an important role that should go to qualified people. Unfortunately it sometimes becomes a popularity contest and being THE TERMINATOR becomes far more important than knowing how to deal with billions of dollars of debt.

Americans are not well read enough to understand the nuances of what makes a good leader. It's been proven that the better looking candidate usually wins. While that doesn't bode well for trump and his insane hair, it does prove that flash matters more than substance. This election could come down to millions of people who love The Apprentice and hate Mexicans deciding to give Trump a four year term. That's really scary, but we have to stop pretending like it's unrealistic, or even unprecedented. And for that, we have one man to thank.