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Intel Chips In Smartphones. What Are The Odds?

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has reportedly been working to get its latest Skylake architecture into large smartphones or phablets. Whether or not Intel will succeed in its attempts, is discussed in a Motley Fool report by Ashraf Eassa.

Intel Skylake close, but more work needed

Eassa believes not many vendors will be using the Skylake architecture but believes the concept of Intel putting its Core micro-architecture into a smartphone is interesting. According to Eassa, Intel's Skylake comes close to a typical high-end smartphone system-on-a-chip but still has a few notches to cover to be there. Usually a high-end smartphone system-on-a-chip is a single chip solution with numerous IP blocks, such as CPU cores, sensor hub, image signal processor, digital signal processors, graphics/media and...