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Tomorrow’s action List for Thursday August 25

Move over, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. Clinton’s tweet moves markets in a big way.

Tesla: +0.5%

Biotech index - 3.36%.

(Paraphrased) - We are releasing bigger batteries.


Clinton is now setting the cross-hairs against Mylan (MYL) regarding EpiPen pricing.

Note: I covered this two days ago in the marketplace subscription series yesterday. Twice. Article titles:

  • Mylan: Making Mad Stacks Of Cash Selling EpiPens To Nerds With Peanut Allergies
  • Why Valeant And Nintendo Matters To Us

There is no doubt the biotech (IBB) sector is on the action list tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s moves:

  • 1.Valeant, set to fly higher as it crossed $30 - $32, may get muddled in the Mylan/price hike controversy
  • 2.Pfizer, whose stock is not hurting with the biotech pull-back, may run out of luck.
  • 3.Fed rate hike looms. Yellen speaks on Friday. Likelihood of September rate hike is remote. December is more likely. Either way, a higher rate will hurt biotech.
  • 4.Cry.
  • 5.Cry more.
  • 6.Do not panic.
  • 7.Join this group, because value stocks seek stocks trading at a discount. That “margin of safety” should shield investors from major losses.
  • 8.Post your move, below. It is not limited to biotech stocks.