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7 trends that will revolutionize stock trading

What will trading look like 25 years from now? A lot different than it does today. In fact, technology is changing so fast that trading will look very different even 10 years from now.

It's not that hard to imagine. In fact, you can think of it this way: What the extremely rich have today is what the middle class will have in 25 years, and that will include a full-time personal investment advisor. It's just that the advisor might be an artificial intelligence platform dispensing investment advice to a digital avatar of the individual investor.

1. Digital stock avatars are coming—i.e. Google meets Schwab

2. Get ready to buy a Boeing-Ford high-risk stock hybrid

3. Prepare for the YouTube IPO roadshow

4. A 24-hour-a-day capital markets version of

5. Finally, a stock picker to beat the index: You

6. Wall Street may employ your kids—and great-grandkids

7. The next Great Depression will take place in ... a millisecond