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Bowdoin’s Strong Returns Due To Alternatives: Druckenmiller

Bowdoin College, a small, well-known liberal art school, is located in Brunswick, Maine. The top-flight school has small classes, world-renowned faculty and modern, high quality facilities.

Running a well-respected liberal college to this standard is a very expensive endeavor, but Bowdoin is fortunate enough to have a large endowment and a very smart investment committee.

According to hedge fund titan Stanley Druckenmiller, an investment committee member, Bowdoin College’s scintillating endowment return of 14.4% in 2015 was driven by a portfolio including top private equity and Hedge Funds.

Druckenmiller says Bowdoin's CIO deserves most of the credit

Druckenmiller, a billionaire investor who graduated from Bowdoin in the mid-1970s, commented that Paula Volent, the chief...