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WhoTrades Congratulates BlogStar Contest Winners!

The BlogStar contest ended on January 20. Over 800 bloggers from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and Iceland participated.

For two and a half months bloggers had the chance to write about their views on the market, analyzing promising investment tools, sharing opinions and experiences with investors from around the world through the global social network for traders WhoTrades.

As a result, the following prizes were awarded:

ChartStar category (posts on technical analysis) winners:

NewsStar category (posts on the market fundamental analysis) winners:

BlogStar Category and Jury Award

The winner in the BlogStar Category and Jury Award is blogger Josh. His creative and relevant posts, proficient communicative skills and lively discussion of your blog posts among WhoTrades helped him take the grand prize - USD 1,000.

We would like to thank all BlogStar participants.

Our congratulations to the winners.

Stay with us, keep blogging in the global social network for traders WhoTrades.

Win and change the world with the power of your word!